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Anti Bird Net


Bird net is a barrier to stop birds and other wildlife animals to damage your the fruits (i.g. grape, apple, cherry, peach), trees, vegetables, newly sown seeds, and construction structures. It allows the passage of air and sunlight. 
It’s the most effective and humane way to protect your investment and surroundings. 
Golden Netting offer seven different types of bird netting along with installation accessories. 

  • knitted bird net

      100% virgin HDPE knitted premium bird netting.
      Plastic anti-bird netting is economical and reliable in plant protection. It is solid and durable for several growing seasons and it can also be easily applied & removed and re-rolled for next use.
       Plastic anti-bird net can protect fruits from the harm of birds’ pecking, and can prevent the spread of avian diseases. The plastic anti-bird net is widely used in vineyards, farmlands and orchards growing vines, grains, fruits, green vegetables and tobaccos. 
      Golden Netting can supply various customerized bird nettings.
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  • extruded bird net

          The extruded anti bird netting is humane and eco friendly. It protects all types of objects, openings and structures, such as fruit trees, berries, bushes, shrubs, plants, flowers and vegetables. Diamond mesh is a most economic way, it can protect your fruits from the birds but won't hurt the birds. Rain and sunlight can pass through. It is a lightweight but strong netting, it can even protect your fruits from small animals. It can 100% provide your fruit if installed properly.
          Golden Netting can provide various extruded bird nettings.
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  • knotted bird net

      With outstanding effect of knotted anti bird, light enough, not to be out of order, stable against strong wind, long life, and decay-proof. Widely used in paddy field, orchard, horticultural crops, fish ponds etc. It is strong enough to stand wind blowing, even animal attacking.
      Golden Netting can provide various knotted bird nets to your demands.
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