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  • Anti Bird Net

    Bird net is a barrier to stop birds and other wildlife animals to damage your the fruits (i.g. grape, apple, cherry, peach), trees, vegetables, newly sown seeds, and construction structures. It allows the passage of air and sunlight. It’s the most effective and humane way to protect your investment and surroundings. Golden Netting offer seven different types of bird netting along with installation accessories.
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  • Insect Net

    Insect Net is specially plain woven or knitted net to protect the crops from insect, bee and so on. even after violent hailstorms. It also reduce sudden temperature changes and wind. It cam save the expense  of farm chemical. The vegetable our products belong to green pollution-free food, can sell a good price, general use 3-5 years.
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  • Shade Net

    Plastic knitted agricultural shade net offers protective covers specifically for agricultural use to enhance earlier, higher yields, with the efficient protection against winter weather, spring freezes and also pests.  This kind of shade net increases soil and air temperature during daylight hours and it slows heat loss and aids in maintaining soil temperatures at night.
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  • Shade Sail

    The sun shade sail makes a close and protected area in the garden, swimming pool, yard, parking area, stock farm, building, etcs. It has a good air permeability and also printable. Sun Shade Sails protect and shade your outdoor areas. Also known as Sail Shades, these unique  coverings make beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, or other outdoor areas, and they  provide excellent protection from the sun and its harmful UV radiation. It can offer up to 95% UV protection, block up to 90% of the suns harmful rays and will keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather.
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  • Trellis Net Plant Support Net

    Garden trellis netting is versatile and is an affordable way to create a beautiful garden.  Made from strong, durable nylon, or polyethylene, it’s one of those great garden tools, it will last from season to season and can be used to support tomatoes, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, berries, melons and various flowers. Using plant trellis to grow some vegetables upright offers more valuable space in your garden. 
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  • Olive Net

    The olive nets available have various kind of meshes in order to optimize the different harvesting methods of olives and fruits. Every net is suitable for a different application such as natural falling harvesting, hand harvesting or mechanized harvesting.
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  • Balcony Net (Privacy Screen)

    Privacy screen / Balcony screen mesh safety net are knitted of an all-weather polyethylene fabric that keeps out 95% of UV rays, while allows air to pass through. That combination reduces the indoor temperature, and also allows some light to filter in so you can keep an eye on the outside. Balcony shade net will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and is UV stabilized. 
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  • Debris Net

    Construction safety net is a net to make sure the construction safe. It is made of high density polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene. It can be used for construction site to prevent debris and object falling, and ensures the workers and pedestrian safety. Besides, it has anti-wind, anti-dust function. It can be folded easily and clean conveniently.
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  • Hail Net

    Anti hail net(hail protection net) is specially knitted or leno woven to protect the crops from hail, even after violent hailstorms. The protection offered by anti hail nets means safe guarding both the current year's harvest and protected from damage. It also reduce sudden temperature changes and wind gusts that would damage most crops.
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  • Cargo Net

    Essential for storing spare equipment and luggage while you are on the road, the net is made from knotless strong ropes, or bungee cord, with hooks to hold down luggage and other things. Keep your possessions safe while you are on the road. Has hooks - covered so they won't scratch your bike For use with any trucks, motorbike, scooter, moped and quad bike 
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  • Net Bag For Fruits Vegetables Toys

    Protect your product away from distortion during transportation, handling, and storage. Excellent flexibility and expandable-- 2 to 5 times than the natural size.
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  • Pond Cover

    Pond net is a kind of netting, which can be installed on the pools, pond, water gardens and other places for protection. Pond net can be made through extruded, knotted, knitted and woven ways. Pond net is a multi-purpose netting. It can protect the valuable goldfishes, koi and other water lives from predators. The shade mesh can help to resist the burn sunlight and protect the plants in the water. Besides, it can prevent the leaves and debris from falling into the water to pollute the quality of water.  
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  • Safety Fence

    Orange safety fence is also known as snow fence, the usual color is orange, other colors are avaliable, which is designed for warning and protecting.
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  • Deer Net

    Deer fence is a very high strength, lightweight, extruded net manufactured from high strength polypropylene BOP plastic netting. Deer have a tendency to forage over large areas, our cost effective deer fence offers a very effective deer control barrier. Our regular garden deer fence / bop net  is made of strong, long lasting, light weight plastic mesh, it could be easily handled by one person.It does not rust and there are no sharp edge to cut hands or snag clothing. It offers a cost effective alternative to wire-mesh, and it has a much better appearance.
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  • Others

    The garden bags are made of durable polypropylene woven fabric. It is water resistant and tear resistant material against high levels of strain. PP hoop is made of new environmental friendly material. Strong flexible hoop included to increase stability and keep bag open, which help to easy to fill and easy to empty. The multifunctional heavy duty bag is for car transporting grass cuttings, leaves and wood from the yard and garden.
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